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The Antithesis by T.L. Whiteman

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Rated 7.58 out of 10 Statistics


Chapters: 3

Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy

Updated: Weekly

Content Advisory

Occasional Coarse Language

Frequent Violence


Overall Rating: 7.581

Average Rating: 9.93 (Guests), 7.75 (Members)

Ranking: #31

Rating Count: 19 (15 Guests, 4 members)

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The Antithesis by T.L. Whiteman product Read This

"A strong start"

The Antithesis bills itself as a horror/sci-fi /dark romance series. From the three chapters which are up so far this seems like a fair assessment. I've seen other reviewers compare it to "Dollhouse" but with supernatural elements. I've never actually watched "Dollhouse", but I know enough about the premise to say I see why they say that.

The main character is the non-human servant of a force called the Nexus. After each mission he is mind-wiped and put back on the shelf until he's needed again. So far I see the resemblence, but Alezair goes rogue at the start of the story to track down the mysterious woman.


The writing is solid, and the premise interesting. I'm not a great one for romance, but the dynamic between the two-some and the whole mystery of what's going on are good. I'm curious to know how this pans out. The main character seems real and has an interesting voice. In general the first three chapters make for a strong start.


The layout. It's not that it's white on black (though it is and if you hate that be advised) but that it's inconsistent. Sometimes the author leaves a line between paragraphs and sometimes they don't. Personally, I wish they'd leave one between all lines, but it would be tolerable if it was the other way as well. I also find there's too much sidebar and not enough main text section for my liking, but that's a matter of taste.


The Antithesis is an interesting piece of web fiction and is off to a strong start. The layout isn't the best, but if you can see past that and like dark fantasy and horror it's worth a look.

Rating: 6 / 10

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