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Curio Killed the Cat by Skyla Dawn Cameron

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Genre: Supernatural / Humor

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Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Coarse Language


Overall Rating: 7.081

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Curio Killed the Cat by Skyla Dawn Cameron product Read This

"No Cats Were Harmed in the Making of this Review"

Opener: Funny. No more really need be said. I mean sure you have your romance and your supernatural but what really stands out for me is the humour. I love two of the three characters with steady point of views. Briar and Lilith. You’ve got a snarky, lazy and all around hilarious spellcaster with a rather unhealthy like of getting even. Then there’s the not so sex crazed sex demon, trying to hide from what she is behind a severe secretary like image (and failing quite abysmally I might add.). Then there’s Liam. I didn’t enjoy him. Sure he was funny when Briar was verbally beating him up but only in the way the guy who just slipped on a banana peel is funny. So I’ll say if you’re looking for some laughs ignore the rest of this go over there now.

Pros: Hilarious. Funny. Comical. Side-splitting. What other words are there for funny? It kept me laughing almost all the way through. Whether because of Briar’s smart-ass-ery or because of Lilith’s maybe unintentionally naivety.  I can’t remember any web novel making me laugh so hard as this one.

The page layouts were a wonderful bonus too. They were very easy to read and just seemed to go so well with the story.

Finally the characters. They were what sealed this for me more than anything. Sometimes you find a story with a great plot but not so great characters and keep reading just because you want to see how this ends. Well it kind of goes in reverse with Curio Killed The Cat. The plot may not be spectacular – interesting, yes but not spectacular – but the characters make it that way. If this had different characters or they weren’t as easy to connect with for me I may not have liked it as much as I do but they are easy for me to connect with and so they just take the plot to a level that’s interesting. The problems wouldn’t have seemed so massive if I couldn’t really connect with Briar, Lilith and Liam as the shop gets put in danger but I felt it. I could empathize with their sadness over losing a place, though not perfect, was like a home to them. It’s not too often I find a story like that.

Cons: Liam’s little fan club, while childishly amusing, seemed to be a boring interruption in an otherwise great movie. Like a commercial placed in a place to leave you hanging for ten minutes in an action movie or show. The only time it ever really interested me was one of the last few times you saw through Alastair’s point of view and there was a fight.

As with Skyla’s other works I wish she’d describe her characters a little more. Lilith I got but Briar and Liam I had to go and look at her wonderful gallery of pictures.

In Closing: Read this if you’re in need of a laugh one night. I will warn people fresh off a break-up it might not be great for you as you won’t find it funny but other than that it’s good for a laugh. If you want to find some characters that are easy to connect with instead of just some fantastic plot with cookie cutter characters this is the story for you.

Rating: 7 / 10

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