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Eastridge Academy - School for Adventurers by JLY, KL, KMRicker

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Rated 7.59 out of 10 Statistics


Chapters: 15

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Updated: Completed


Overall Rating: 7.591

Average Rating: 8 (Guests), 7.7 (Members)

Ranking: #11

Rating Count: 24 (8 Guests, 16 members)

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"What you learn here will be the difference between life and death."

Where do adventurers come from? This young adult fantasy novel answers that question as it follows a group of first-year students at Eastridge Academy. Whether your dream is to become a Mage, Warrior, Cleric, or even a Thief, Eastridge Academy is where the realm’s best learn how to be adventurers. Here, students take classes that teach them how to fight, how to use magic, and how to survive being an adventurer…

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Magic School, Student Protagonist

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"Nothing too original or taxing – but an enjoyable read non the less."

Rating: 7/10

The first few pages I found lacked sufficient plot and tension and might have prevented me from pursuing this story further. Nevertheless, I persevered and the reward was an enjoyable read. If the intended audience is the Potterites I am sure there will be those who will see too many similarities. However, there is sufficient originality to appeal and recapture the imagination of those willing…Read More

"Better then Harry Potter, this far!"

Rating: 8/10

On a scene-by-scene basis, I thought that this book, thus far, is better than the Harry Potter series. However, due to the authors’ time constraints, they are unable to write as much detail as most fantasy authors, so the scenes often are lacking in transitions and readers might sometimes get frustrated when characters are seemingly abandoned, as in the first book with Fell. This is not to say…Read More


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Tales of MU

Both take place in schools with magical and other supernatural elements.

Recommended by colettesnow - Report

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School Kids SG

Both of these stories are about schools, although one is based more in 'real-life', which the other is purely fantasy. I would say that both were of similar quality.

Recommended by Darkthorn - Report


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