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Six Chances by Emory Wynn

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Genre: Fantasy / Friendship

Updated: Every Few Days

Content Advisory

Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 71

Average Rating: 7 (Guests), 7 (Members)

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"What would you do if your life and memories were connected to other people?"

Part 1: The Synchronized Six // Chance Ignition to Crimson Volition

What would you do if your life, memories, and feelings were suddenly tied to another person? Six people. One life. A spoiled prince haunted by a ghost. A big city swindler with a knack for illusions. A cold soldier with a sharp eye. A pirate with a few screws loose. A chieftain’s bookish daughter with carefully bandaged hands. A peacekeeping agent with an eye for vengeance. After simultaneously knocking on death’s door, these six find themselves psychically connected across national lines. Tensions rise between them and between their respective countries, which are recovering from a long war over the mysterious vitae—an energy source harvested and utilized in weapons and engines called conductors. Loyalty, memory, and sense of self blur as conspiracies encroach. Assassination attempts, a border conflict, a missing peacekeeping agent, a bar shootout, a tale of a bloodthirsty beast, and the terrorist organization ELPIS. —Everything is connected. Nothing is coincidental. The spark has ignited…!

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