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The Princess Witch by Scott A. Chiasson-Faulkner

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Genre: Fantasy / Humor

Audience: Young Adult, Fantasy, Children, Teenage, Adult, Humor

Updated: Monthly


Overall Rating: 6.311

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"The story of a young princess who hated being so."

Once upon a time, in a kingdom not too far away, but further away than you might think, there lived a young girl whose only heart's desire was to be a witch.

Now, most little girls at some point in their lives dream of being a princess and living in a fairy-tale castle, yet this young girl already was a princess, and while the castle she lived in wasn't especially fancy or fairy-tale, it was a castle, even if a bit drafty.

And while it's also true that this young girl was tormented by a meddlesome older sister and troubled by a loving but rather eccentric father, what's important to remember is that the girl we're talking about was an honest-to-goodness princess who rather hated being so.

She wanted to be a witch.

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