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The Thear Collection by K. A. Webb

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Genre: Family / Friendship

Updated: Quarterly

Content Advisory

Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 6.311

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"Three races, seven factions, who will have control when the dust settles?"

Thear is home to three races: the Dorma; the Uisdro; and the Tein Igni. Once they worked together, but times have changed. Now they are fighting each other, and themselves, for control, while the people of North Square do their best to hold in to the ideals of the races when they first came across each other.

Helped by the deities of this world (who were also once worshipped on Earth) the priests and priestesses work to keep everyone alive, even though this isn't a simple job, with the help of those who believe the same way they do. Thear is meant to be a home for all of them - no matter what those outside North Square think.

Stories are written around the beginning of the time of change with plans being made to write more at different points in the timeline. There are also a few AUs. Everything is curently irregularly updated due to work commitments.

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