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Watchmirror by MJ Zajko

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Rated 6.31 out of 10 Statistics


Genre: Fantasy / Mystery

Audience: 16+

Updated: Fortnightly

Content Advisory

Frequent Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 6.311

Average Rating: 5 (Guests), 5 (Members)

Ranking: #549

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"The penalty for practicing black magic is death."

This is the story of Amalia di Danti. This is the story of the young woman who had the courage to doubt everything she believed, in search for truth and justice. This is a story about the impact of fear and terror, how it warps the minds of otherwise kind people. This is the story of what happens when power is left unchecked.

In order to protect the people of Jaborre from the dangerous threat posed by the black arts, the government installs watchmirrors on every street corner. The penalty for practicing black magic is death. Amalia is the daughter of a Judge, and as such believes wholeheartedly that black magic is the most wicked of all evils. When she stumbles upon evidence to the contrary, she is confronted with an uncomfortable question: why was black magic really banned? Her answer to that question thrusts her into the midst of a growing rebellion and civil war.

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