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What You Do With A Possessed Body by Cypress

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Genre: Romance / Fantasy

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". One morning, she woke up and found that she was in someone's body, a male body."

Category Fiction > Romance Fiction > Short Story Fiction > Korean Fiction (Web Novel)

Summary Julia, the second daughter of Baron Aurtee, felt a big flame of sexual desire deep inside her. The only way was to play with her own body, which was not so satisfactory. One morning, she woke up and found that she was in someone's body, a male body.

western #courtAndNobles #supernatural #mistake #comedy

strongMan #strongWoman #joyfulWoman #dominantWoman

  • This romantic short story is translated from from the original Korean short web-novel. (text only, no illustration)
  • This short story contains material only suitable for adults.

Tables Of Contents Title Page Body Content Copyright (59 pages in approx. print length)

Preview Julia, who was awakened by a sense of incompatibility, opened her eyes to the new sunlight from the window. "Huh?" For her, this situation was bound to be embarrassing. It was because the place where she opened her eyes was not the bedroom where she fell asleep last night. There was one more thing that confused her. The sound that she spit out from her mouth was a low-pitched tone that was different from usual. When she touched her throat while coughing, she felt a prominent bone that popped out. "Huh?" Realizing that something had changed in her body, Julia rushed to the full-body mirror that had been placed nearby. Standing in front of the mirror, Julia was shocked by the unbelievable situation. Standing in front of her was not an ordinary-looking woman with brown hair and green eyes that she met in a mirror every day. There stood a tall man who looked much taller than her with drowsy feeling reminiscent of a black leopard. The soft black hair with gold eyes gave a slightly sharp impression. Julia was dumbfounded and got closer to the mirror. "What's this? I said I wanted to get involved with a handsome guy. Did I become a handsome guy myself? What should I do? What kind of situation is this?" She was speechless and spoke to herself. However, this face somehow looked familiar. "Well, let me see. I think I've seen you working hard on this shiny face." Julia took a close look at the wonderful face. When she frowned because she couldn't remember, this man's natural expression came out and she finally realized who he was. "Eliot Regriche." He was such a noble man that Julia could not dare to talk to. He became a duke at a youthful age and was perfect without losing his appearance and ability, shaking the hearts of all women in the empire.

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