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URL fragment (slug) for-riches-or-more
Index Sorting Title For Riches or More
Book Title For Riches or More
Book Tagline Some people are born with a silver spoon; some have to steal it for themselves?
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Book Author(s) Lawrence Limehouse
Primary Genre Crime
Secondary Genre Adventure
Update Schedule Every Few Days
Book Synopsis An Irish-born thief of not-inconsiderable skill finds himself betrayed during a job and left to the mercies of the Parisian police. After nearly three years in jail, he finds himself unexpectedly released ahead of schedule with only one goal in mind: revenge. He quickly discovers that there are forces arrayed against him and, surprisingly, a considerable power supporting his efforts. With the assistance of a friendly cab driver, his ex-wife/former partner, and a rotating cast of characters from all across the globe, he throws himself headlong into conflict with the mysterious forces and discovers what really matters along the way.
Contain Mature Content? 1
Contain Coarse Language? 0 2