About Muse's Success

Muse’s Success is a structured wiki with the intended purpose of documenting web fiction and helping readers find web fiction to read.

What is web fiction?

Web Fiction is free fiction published on the web in a web accessible format, usually for free. Ergofiction has an article on the subject as does Novelr.

What is a structured wiki?

A wiki is a website that allows anyone to edit and create content. A structured wiki allows content to be edited but the structure of said content is kept consistent and in the case of Muse’s Success is bound to certain fields. Changes can be tracked between edits and all history is recorded. In the case of abuse, changes can be rolled back to a previous revision.

What else does Muse’s Success provide besides web fiction listings and ways to browse them?

Reviews, Recommendations, Bookshelves with more features coming soon.

How can I contact Muse's Success?

Please email us at [email protected]. If you have a feature request or bug report, please use our UserVoice feedback forum.

Who created Muse’s Success?

Colette Snow and Rosemarie Herbert co-founded Muse’s Success.

What does Muse’s Success run?

Muse’s Success runs on a custom code base using the CodeIgniter framework. Our server runs Apache 2.2, PHP 5.3 and MySQL.

Donate to Muse's Success

Muse's Success will always remain free but it costs time and money to run. Your donations will go towards supporting hosting and domain fees as well as supporting development.

Bitcoin Address: 194SMYJyR9QAdppK1sKvNxn7fSG3GKqFTw


  • Prudence Dwyer from Fuzzy Ink Designs for our lovely logo.
  • Tonya R Moore for assisting with thumbnail creation.
  • Tom Dillon for creating thumbnails for new submissions.
  • Chris Poirier for some code assistance early on.
  • Alexandra Erin for creating the now defunct Pages Unbound and providing the inspiration for Muse's Success.
  • Everyone who has taken the time to give feedback!