Tag Guidelines

Tag Assignment

  • Read the description, if one exists, before assigning a tag to a listing. The tag may not always mean what you think it means. If no description exists, look at its location within the tag tree for a hint towards its true purpose.
  • Be as specific as possible. For example, if a web fiction features characters capable of using ESP, specifically telepathy, rather then tagging the listing with ESP, be more specific and tag it with Telepathy instead.
  • Tags are meant to describe what you can expect while reading. If something is thought to be true but later turns out not to be true through the course of the text, tag both the perceived and actual situations.

Tag Creation

  • Tag names should be self-describing. While the meaning of a tag can be obvious if you look at its location within the tag tree, on a listing page, only the tag name will be displayed. For example, 'Male Protagonist' would be a good tag to describe a male protagonist but 'Male' would not as it is not clear whether you are referring to the main protagonist or a supporting hero who is male.
  • Tags should be objective. Subjective tags like 'awesome novel' are useless with a meaning that differs from person to person and thus are not allowed.
  • Tags should only cover what the web fiction wiki does not already.