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Book Title Prairie Song
Book Tagline A post-apocalyptic roadtrip across America.
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Book Author(s) Marn, Alyssa
Primary Genre Adventure
Secondary Genre Friendship
Update Schedule Weekly
Book Synopsis John is a former indentured farmhand, setting out in search of fresh water and an escape from his past. Cody is a traveling bounty hunter and musician, on the run from a debt he can’t repay. Friday is a lounge singer and burlesque dancer, fiercely protective of her friends, seeking adventure. Valerie is an orphan priest, weighed down by responsibility and guilt. The four meet by circumstance in the new Wild West of a country ninety years post-apocalypse, slowly raising itself from the ashes. Together, they try to outrun, outgun, and outwit a gang of dangerous criminals, learning more about themselves and each other along the way. Prairie Song is part Weird Western, part roadtrip story, and all post-apocalyptic action tale, with a cast of diverse, LGBTQ protagonists. It deals with themes of displacement, trauma, loss, trust, and found families.
Contain Mature Content? 0 1
Contain Coarse Language? 0 2
Contain Sexual Language? 0 1
Contain Violent Content? 0 2
Intended Audience LGBTQ, New Adult
URL fragment (slug) prairie-song
Index Sorting Title Prairie Song