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Book Title Blue Moon Chevalier
Book Tagline A story about a knight and a dragon in the vast expanse of space.
Book URL / Read URL
Book Author(s) BlueMoonRoman
Primary Genre Adventure
Secondary Genre Sci-Fi
Update Schedule Weekly
Book Synopsis Chevalier of Blue Moon and his companion, the (not-so) mighty space dragon Selene soar and sail throughout the galaxies on Chevalier’s “trusty” Spitfire, crossing blades and wits with pirates, kings, and shipping conglomerates while chasing adventure. **Source:** [Blue Moon Chevalier](
Contain Mature Content? 0 1
Contain Coarse Language? 0 2
Contain Sexual Language? 0 1
Intended Audience Fantasy fans, space opera fans, adventure fans
URL fragment (slug) blue-moon-chevalier
Index Sorting Title Blue Moon Chevalier