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Book Title Sign of the times
Book Tagline Emperor
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Book Author(s) doravg
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Primary Genre Fantasy
Secondary Genre Romance
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Book Synopsis Nikola wakes after a hundred years on the bottom of the ocean. He waked to a world changed by his own deeds. A world where he is alone, his lover, the angel Penemue, gone into the Abyss after the failed rebellion of his son Pallas. But Nikola doesn’t give up on him. He chooses to live, not as the conqueror he once was, the shining Emerald Emperor of Atlantis, but as a trader and a craftsman. On the way he founds his soulmate, Wei Caihong, though he doesn’t know it at the time, and curses him with vampirism. But Wei Caihong doesn’t give up either, and he proves his worth to his future husband. And in this story of love and redemption, a fallen from grace Emperor gets both a noble and an angel and improves the lives of those around him. In any way, he can.
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