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Book Title Seriphyn Knight Chronicles Knight: Reborn Legacy
Book Tagline Epic destiny unfolds around "Since when did the human world want to be weak?" Neven is a teenage girl with no name. A girl known as Neven. identity but carries a purpose to make a change to her rotten world.
Book Author(s) Veronica Purcell
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Book Synopsis The Seriphyn Knight Chronicles \"This must be dying.\" Cheating death on a riverbank is the beginning of an epic adventure for a web fiction series focused on the self discovery teenage girl called Neven. No memory of where she came from or her identity. She\'s fished out of a young girl river to be surrendered into slavery to an underground mining city called The Zone. As pieces of her memory surface, strange events happen. She begins to believe that her amnesia is intentional. Especially, when she finds herself on death-row for using magic and becomes involved in a diabolical scheme for power by four master magis. Her determination to seek the truth, unravels troubles and impacts to her involvement with dark magic, ancient legends and myths. The story surroundings. Lingering in her shadow is broken down into Seasons>Episodes>Scenes Season One Blurb below: The year is the 167th reign of the Great Emperor Leinard. You have stepped into a realm where magic is everywhere and anything is possible. At the heart of it all is a young girl named Neven.  It hasn’t been easy for Neven: she nearly drowned, suffered slavery and now she must help four men locate magical doors known only as Tsazcuths. Oh the power festering behind those doors!  It’s getting ugly. Want to see how she goes? Begin the journey to find out. an evil wanting release.
Chapter Count 8 0
Intended Audience Young Adults, 15 16 ys +, Teens
Index Sorting Title Seriphyn Knight Chronicles Knight: Reborn Legacy