Comparing Change Set #1340 with #1339 for A Frequent Traveller's Guide to Jovan

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Secondary Genre Adventure Romance
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Book Synopsis Since Since the death of their brother the Emperor brought the Lords Valentin and Cassius back to Monsilys, capital of the great Jovani Empire, Valentin has cured the boredom of court life with poppy-sap and women, while for Cassius the remedy has been ale and the result much the same. Then an ill-fated duel causes their niece the Empress to send them to the frontier to investigate rumours of treason, and they find themselves drawn ever more back into the world of Jovani politics: a world their brother banished them from seventeen years earlier. As Valentin veers from disaster to disaster, always running from his past and a life he would prefer to forget, Cassius is fascinated by a damaged boy he rescues from a slave brothel. Valentin\'s weapon is sly diplomacy, while Cassius prefers the honesty of the sword, but will either be enough to protect Jovan, and themselves? themselves?
Chapter Count 23 26