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Book Title The Donor House Collection
Book Tagline Vampires who chose to live differently.
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Book Author(s) K. A. Webb
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Primary Genre Supernatural
Secondary Genre General
Update Schedule Quarterly
Book Synopsis Nick, Alice, Issac, and Lewis set up the Donor House because they\'re all a little different from the average vampire, and during their lives they\'ve met other like them who\'ve never had somewhere they could truly call home. To begin with they bribe the humans they share Earth with to become their donors, but they soon come to realise that the vampires they share the House with aren\'t what they were expecting at all. No, these vampires found themselves unwilling to embrace what they had become, and instead chose to try to lead a different life to those who run the auctions, buy or hunt humans, and are the archetypal vampire. Stories are posted all over the timeline in this collection - to see more of any one of them click the write more button.
Contain Mature Content? 1
Contain Coarse Language? 0 1
Contain Sexual Language? 0 2
Contain Violent Content? 0 2
URL fragment (slug) the-donor-house-collection
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