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A frantic ride from start to finish.

A review of The Bikes of New York

The Bikes of New York is one of those stories that captivate you from the first page, entice you through and amazing world and drag you inexorably to a stunning climax.

Mr Brown is a master of lyrical prose...

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The Legion of Nothing is entertaining reading

A review of The Legion of Nothing

I’ll be honest and say I never would have read Legion of Nothing if it hadn’t been submitted to the club.  A story about superheroes?  Superheroes are for comic books.  Superhero stories are over the top, full of overpowered goody-two-shoes with repressed god complexes...

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High treason, magic, war and griffons makes for compelling reading

A review of An Empire of Law

I’ll say straight out that fantasy is not one of my favourite reads.  Nothing drives me batty more than long-winded social and cultural explanations, or descriptions of fancy food and elegant clothing...

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Psychic plus alien equals trouble

A review of Strange Little Band

I have never met two characters I wanted to slap more than Addison and Myers from Strange Little Band.  By god these people are unlikeable, self-centred, oblivious, arrogant, sex-crazed and not at all nice...

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Sexy paranormal investigators and creepy things

A review of 100 Candles

I found this story in the listings, and just read a paragraph or two to see what it was all about.  I very quickly got drawn into the story.

The first story is The Fortune-Telling Doll...

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A review of Mill Avenue Vexations

I was expecting great things from Mill Avenue Vexations.  Lace.  Demons.  A flawed but sexy gothic heroine.  Black moments slashed with red.  Really awesome boots.

I hate to be disappointed...

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Psychics, werewolves and bloody vampires

A review of The Above Ground series - Above Ground

So you might have guessed from the title that I’m not a fan of werewolves.  Or psychics, for that matter.  The jury is still out on witches.  So writing this review was difficult, because this story is very far from appealing to my personal tastes...

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