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Afterlife by Mike Monroe

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Rated 7.31 out of 10 Statistics


Genre: Sci-Fi / Western

Updated: Fortnightly

Content Advisory

Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 7.311

Average Rating: 5 (Guests), 10 (Members)

Ranking: #225

Rating Count: 2 (0 Guests, 2 members)

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"Free science fiction/western serial."

The world as we know it is gone. It's become a vast desert wasteland where you could ride a sand bike for hundreds of miles before seeing signs of civilization. Our cities are long destroyed. Others have risen up in their ashes, but it's taken thousands of years. A small number of wealthy business tycoons have managed to thrive in this new world, though it's been at the cost of freedom for the masses. Bandits roam the wastelands, killing and stealing indiscriminately. Fearless lawmen try to keep the peace in the towns and villages, but they are few and the lawless are many. Scavengers roam the deserts, searching for anything that may help them live one more day in this hell. There’s hope, though. Where there’s life, there’s always hope.

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Action, Apocalypse, Dystopia, Fictional World, Science Fiction, Western

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