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Boskeopolis Stories by J. J. W. Mezun

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Genre: Adventure / Parody

Updated: Fortnightly

Content Advisory

Occasional Sexual Content

Frequent Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


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"Rhymin’ & Stealin’"

Boskeopolis is an obscure city-state, notable for its persistent violation o’ the laws o’ physics, biology, & economics — though, to be fair, real life doesn’t obey that last 1, either.

Within that city dwelled a perfectionist thief named Autumn Springer, who — with her timid skeletal partner, Edgar Winters, & sometimes with his cheerful chemist friend, Dawn Summers — would go on heists & explore wild lands for treasure. That is, when she wasn’t mired in the various political, environmental, or personal calamities created by Boskeopolis’s other peculiar citizens; or wasn’t dug into domestic concerns o’ work, errands, & her relationship with Edgar; or wasn’t burdened by her own chaotic mental state.

Boskeopolis Stories plays round with a lot o’ genres, moods, & tones, & its chronology isn’t straightforward, or e’en a single, consistent line.

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