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DarkSight by A. M. Harte

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Rated 7.68 out of 10 Statistics


Genre: Supernatural / Horror

Updated: No Longer Updated

Content Advisory

Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 7.681

Average Rating: 9 (Guests), 8.4 (Members)

Ranking: #27

Rating Count: 7 (2 Guests, 5 members)

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"Some things are better left unseen"

Faith and religion are dying, but that doesn’t make the demons any less real. Maeve Nealon, an Irish small-town girl who has recently moved to London, realizes just how real demons can be when an everyday morning commute turns into a fight for her life. And now that she can see them, they can see her….

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Angels, Curse, Demons, Female Protagonist, Ghost, Haunted House, Heroine with Jeans, Horror, Medium Heroine, Modern Day, Monster Hunter Heroine, Nurse, Possession, Priest, Terrorized by Monsters

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314 Crescent Manor

Both are set in a slightly more sinister version of this world. There's a sense of creepiness and otherness that will have you looking over your shoulder.

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