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Ember by Bettie Sharpe

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Rated 7.99 out of 10 Statistics


Genre: Romance / Fantasy

Audience: Female, Adult

Updated: Completed

Content Advisory

Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 7.991

Average Rating: 9.4 (Guests), 8.53 (Members)

Ranking: #7

Rating Count: 10 (5 Guests, 5 members)

1 indicates a weighted rating.


"Charm is a curse. Love is a fire. This story is no fairytale."

Everyone loves Prince Charming. They have to—he’s cursed. Every man must respect him. Every woman must desire him. One look, and all is lost.

Ember would rather carve out a piece of her soul than be enslaved by passions not her own. She turns to the dark arts to save her heart and becomes the one woman in the kingdom able to resist the Prince’s Charm.

Poor girl. If Ember had spent less time studying magic and more time studying human nature, she might have guessed that a man who gets everything and everyone he wants will come to want the one woman he cannot have.

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Fairy Tale, Heroine, Magic, Witch Heroine

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"a fairy tale as it should be"

Rating: 9/10

Ember is a twisted, dark-edged story; a fairy tale as it should be, with all the gory bits left in.

I raced through the story, read it all in one sitting. It’s short and engaging, and written in a conversational first-person that draws the reader right in. And—let’s be honest—any story that opens with the words “sucker punched” has me at “suck”.

The premise intrigued…Read More

"The best Fairy tales are twisted..."

Rating: 8/10

Ember presents a twisted retelling of the Cinderella story, but does so with an original voice, intense imagery, and a memorable heroine whose moral compass is perfectly skewed. The piece is novella length, which leaves a little wiggle room in the character department. There are some side stories presented which leave me wondering if the author has expanded on them in other works (Sylvie and her…Read More


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