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My Stupid Journal by Daisy Tannenbaum

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Genre: Adventure / Humor

Audience: young adults, old adults, kids who are smarter than their parents, cats, squirrels, non-rodents, guys my sister's age, people who like Paris, people who think Paris sucks, apprentice diamond thieves, turtle & frog lovers (not really)

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"The unabridged chronicles of Daisy Tannenbaum, age twelve, of Paddington, New Jersey, currently exiled in Paris, France, author of DAISY AND THE PIRATES."

I’m Daisy. Maybe you know me from “DAISY & THE PIRATES.” I’m supposed to be in Sixth Grade now, but I punched some jerk at school and got expelled, so my parents sent me to be home-schooled by my Aunt Mill, a math teacher who cracks codes as a hobby and happens to live in Paris, which everybody thinks is so great.

I’m a normal kid mostly, so don’t expect me to fly or wave a wand or any of that phony junk. Aunt Mill got me mixed up in the search for Maria Antoinette’s diamonds, worth like ten-zillion dollars, and that’s what this stupid story is all about. Along the way I meet shady antiquities appraisers, dotty diamond dealers, loopy Louvre art experts, Algerian fraudsters, rogue CIA agents, and expat Russian ruffians, not to mention future fashionistas and cat-burglars-in-training.

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