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Let's Mourn Its Passing

A review of Thieves' Demise

This story had real potential. Sadly, it was originally posted in 2012 and there’s only a half dozen or so entries. That said, hopefully the author will notice this review and post the rest of it which he secretly wrote but never put on his site...

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This Project Needs Saving

A review of Project Redemption

The writing on this is legible.  That’s about the only nice thing I can say.

Without spoilers for anyone who might want to read anyway, this is a superhero story set in more or less the current world...

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Starting to Climb

A review of Jumping Rings

Jumping Rings is a little hard to describe.  The title comes from the setting.  A very class heavy, almost caste-like, fantasy world.  A city is divided into 10 "rings" with the innermost being the wealthiest and the outer most being the poorest...

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