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Impractical Magic by S.B.B, Oberon, Nalta

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Genre: Fantasy / Humor

Updated: Fortnightly

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Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 71

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Impractical Magic by S.B.B, Oberon, Nalta product Read This

"Thank you for reading"

Hey everyone, This is S.B.B. the author of Yam Hist in this story.

I really appreciate you finding our page and, hopefully, giving a review. Obviously I can't give a glowing review of my own writing without it being all kinds of weird, but I do have strong feelings about my co-writers.

Oberon excels in windowpane prose and dips into stained glass writing very deliberately and strategically. That range is impressive, but the control is more so. They are also the most logically consistent writer I have come across. They figured out the math for population mechanics based on age, reproduction frequency, length of life, and average brood size so that monsters would make sense. When I first get a chance to read their chapters I have a really strong impression that Cal is the main character and that the world is a second character constantly acting in the scene. It's just too vivid, detailed, and possesses such a strong sense of ambiance. This dude calculates the actual energy their runes would take, translates it into heat, and has made more than one fantasy language just so the gibberish they write in italics isn't arbitrary. You could drown in the details they have put into the world but somehow write so you have the option to find a depth that is comfortable and engaging.

Natalia has the most unique voice of us all. Her literary background is heavily influenced by Tolkien's work. Oberson may make languages for fun, but Natalia has actually taught various dialects of elvish based on the Lord of The Rings series. Oberson and I are both, more or less intentionally, windowpane writers. Natalia writes stained glass words as beautiful as she can make them constantly. The effort it takes to craft a single beautiful paragraph or perfectly turned out line is staggering. She even will take a pen and paper and write them longhand so that the words will have the right feeling of age and intentionality. On top of that, she is drawing world maps and switching rapidly between soft and hard magic systems to keep a sense of wonder in the works.

As for me, Yam is my experiment with making a character with larger than life traits. Jim Butcher talks about how his graduate school teacher forced him to do it, and now I'm taking his word (after having read the original opinion in /The Fantasy Fiction Formula/) and am trying to do the same. Honestly Yam's voice and word choice don't always remain consistent, his chapter can drag on and do have the economy of language that can come across in Oberon's work. Despite being wordier Yam also lacks the rolling ornate style of Natalia's. My only consolation is the horror on people's faces when I mention something offhand like, 'Hey, what do you think would happen if Yam found stimulants?'.

Please tell me what you like, what you want more of and what you want less of. At least for my own writing, I appreciate the data. Every like and every follow is a genuine shock to us. And, in my mind, leaving a comment or showing this to someone makes you part of our team. And I appreciate the time you chose to spend on our team's story growing.

Rating: 8 / 10

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