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Summer's End by Jack Wright

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Genre: Fantasy / Adventure

Audience: Adult

Updated: none

Content Advisory

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 71

Average Rating: 7 (Guests), 7 (Members)

Ranking: #400

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"In an endless peaceful summer a group of would-be heroes set out in search of adventure and personal gain."

For one hundred and twenty years the Golden Summer has preserved the Kingdom of Melyn, all that is left of the world of Vanoree. Under the immortal rule of the Bronze King, his powerful Courtiers, and their fey patrons, all of nature's cycles are under the Kingdom's control.

The world is saved, forever.

Felfet Lyns, master magician, sets out to earn the attention of a fey patron to elevate herself to the station of Courtier. Her old friend Lisle, a burly dock worker longing for adventures past, and Mif, a street thief with a pressing need to skip town, join Felfet on her journey.

The three quickly discover their world has no fondness for adventurers, and there are always consequences.

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