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The Chalice Quartet by Forest Green

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Genre: Fantasy / Crime

Audience: fantasy readers, young adults, adults

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Content Advisory

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 01

Average Rating: 5 (Guests), 5 (Members)

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"One year stuck with the person you hate most."

Alpine Gray is a wizard in a dead-end job, a loveless marriage, and friendships that leave him bereft of happiness. When he accidentally knocks over a candle in the warehouse of his employer, he causes a fire. Thankfully it's taken care of by the manager, but she uses it as an opportunity to blackmail Al into doing tasks for her in exchange for her silence. That leads him to stealing a chalice imbued with the power to bind people together. Knowing it's too valuable to surrender, he instead flees his home. On his way he meets three others; Anladet, a half-elven baerd living on the streets of Hanala, Telbarisk, an exiled Grivven wanting to learn about the world, and Raulin Kemor, a trirec hired to spy, steal, or assassinate people.
For one year, the other three are stuck following Raulin as he completes his contracts. They must come to terms about their situation, especially Alpine, who itches against the bonds the worst.

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