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The Psionics - Emergence by G. L. Drummond

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Genre: Sci-Fi / Supernatural

Audience: adult, male, female, scifi readers

Updated: Weekly

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Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Coarse Language

Occasional Violence


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"We live in fear, hiding what we are."

In 1942, a wick caught flame…

Nazi experimentation led to the discovery of unusual mental capabilities. Seized by the Americans at the end of the war, a covert military project code named “Wildfire” continued that research with the goal of creating “super” operatives.

The flame burned…

A number of children were born with unusual talents: they could create fire and ice from air, read thoughts, do amazing things with only the power of their minds. Although Wildfire took custody of some, others slipped through the cracks, their talents passing onto the next generation.

And exploded.

By 1983, an increasing number of disturbing instances brought the “talented” to public attention. Fear and panic followed. Wildfire was ready, having indoctrinated their selectively bred captives. Thus, the Psi Task Force was formed.

We live in fear, hiding what we are…

Those with talents became known as “Psionics”, quickly learning that if anyone suspected they were talented, or if they displayed their talent in public, it meant capture or death. Rewards for capture were standard, lynchings more common.

Something has to change.

Long in coming, resistance is here and gaining momentum. Psionics are banding together with sympathizers and ex-Psi Hunters. The time has come to put an end to Wildfire and gain the right to live free of imprisonment and fear of death.

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