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YOUTHFRONT by Nimrod Tzarking

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Genre: Superhero / Parody

Audience: Superhero fans, nerds, non-fascists, surrealists, postmodernists, remodernists, weirdos

Updated: none

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Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Coarse Language

Frequent Violence


Overall Rating: 01

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Ranking: #400

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"Superheroics in the New Normal."

In 1999, humble Kansan Ted Truitt became the world's first superhero. Twenty years later he died in the historic New Years Eve attack, transferring his powers to the controversial President Roy G. Bigley.

Now in the year 2035, the first generation of supers raised under the Bigley regime begins to come of age. YOUTHFRONT follows three young heroes making their journey along with occasional interludes from other corners of its universe.

Roxanne Atlas, 18, struggles to find her way as a promising cadet who tries to protect a country she loves from within a government she distrusts.

Faye West, 23, has inherited her mother's role as a protector of The Big Rock Candy Mountain's ecosystem. This role begins to seem too small as an incredible power enters her life.

Meanwhile the super-spy Agent Litework, 28, discovers a sprawling conspiracy by disgraced whitehouse official Sleaze Gammon, involving bogs of human flesh, stolen hearts of dead heroes and the peculiar 'redemption' of the supervillain P!ss Frog.

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