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A rich world which draws you in & holds your attention

A review of The Above Ground series - Above Ground

I am finding Above Ground to be a real page-turner, the sort of story you can’t step away from until you reach the end. 

The story follows its main protagonist, Lilith, as she steps out of her subterranean world for the first time in her life...

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Going to Hell in a handbasket & loving the ride!

A review of Strange Little Band

Strange Little Band is an engrossing love/hate story set in the heart of a cold-hearted megacorp.  The main players, Shane, an alien half-breed, and Addison, a psychic, are themselves both the players and the played in the elaborate game The Triptych Corporation is playing...

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A Classic World, a Lovely Tale

A review of Tapestry

As I sat down to write this, I read first the review by METraylor.  I’m left with the feeling that everything I could say, they have said first and more eloquently.

Tapestry is a lovely anomaly in the world of webfiction...

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An interesting start

A review of Dark Circles

This webfiction appears to be on hiatus, with no updates since September of 2010.  It also is desperately in need of a "start here" link, and appears to be incomplete.

The incompleteness is frustrating, because the story appears to be building towards a point...

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Interesting world.

A review of Aldain

The story Aldain spins an interesting tale of an intriguing world (series of worlds, I believe). 

The worldbuilding is engaging, the story of conquest interesting - I want to keep reading, to know more about what happened to the world, and what’ going to happen in the future...

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