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Undead Flowers by Joseph St. John

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Genre: Supernatural

Updated: Bi-Annually


Overall Rating: 6.731

Average Rating: 1 (Guests), 7 (Members)

Ranking: #350

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Undead Flowers is no longer available online. This page is kept around for archival reasons and does not appear in our main index.

Undead Flowers by Joseph St. John product Read This

"Horror vs Humour"

Undead flowers combines horror and humour effortlessly, encompassing vampires, werewolves and the inevitable human aspect of life. The author is particularly fond of cliff-hangers, but most of the chapters resolve this problem.

While not a particularly difficult read, Undead Flowers has various gimics that are exciting to behold. The author tends to reply to comments in character as well, without giving spoilers away.

There is plenty of other material on the site, including biographies and details about the town of Three Sisters. The layout is also quite pleasing, with traditional, easy-to-read black-on-white text.

Although currently on hiatus, with a presumed renew of updates this October, you will be entertained by the chapters that are present. Hopefully when the author returns, Undead Flowers will be all the more exciting for the break.

This novel did not hold my attention for long, but while it did, well, it was good. The humour in it really isn’t my style, but others may enjoy it more.

Rating: 7 / 10

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