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The Ghosts of Earth by Paul Dore

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Genre: Fantasy / Fantasy

Audience: age 16 plus

Updated: none

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Occasional Sexual Content

Occasional Violence


Overall Rating: 6.11

Average Rating: 5 (Guests), 4.75 (Members)

Ranking: #740

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The Ghosts of Earth is the first book of the Truthfarer series which describes the beginnings of a universe - the origins of space and time, and of consciousness itself. These cataclysmic events set in train the Truthfarers’ quest, and the account of their journey Homewards.

This history follows the adventures of two of these beings as they travel from the skies of an ancient planet to the realm of the gods, and then onwards to the freezing landscape of a new world, before finally encountering the subterranean regions of the Gaki. These creatures are a strange race indeed, inexorably driven by an insatiable hunger towards madness, to an insanity that holds within itself the key to the next stage of their path towards ultimate knowledge

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"Lovely Approach, Endless Verbiage"

Rating: 5/10

Almost any story that that begins with the birth of the universe is going to interest me. I love it when people give that kind of context to their stories, and I enjoy different people’s takes on the various theories of creation, how they occurred and physicality and/or spirituality of it.

I find the use of language clunky, though, and reminiscent of something written in the 1800s. I can’t…Read More


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