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Tribe by Alexandra Erin

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Genre: Fantasy / Supernatural

Updated: Almost Daily


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"Fantasy In Miniature"

Tribe: Fantasy In Miniature is an experiment in serial micro fiction. Each chapter consists of a small chunk of story, exactly 333 words in length. It’s a serial anthology, with story arcs focusing on different characters, all revolving around the central premise of the tribe. The setting is Jericho, a sleeping giant of a city located somewhere in the great state of coughmumblecough.

The genre here is fantasy… low, dark, and urban. Low fantasy… as in, strangely bereft of wizards throwing fireballs at dragons. Dark fantasy… as in, skimpy on the wish fulfillment, tinged with an undercurrent of horror and haunted by the recurring theme that everything carries a price. Urban fantasy… as in, set among the landscape and architecture of a modern-day metropolis, with the action occupying the margins of the pages of 21st century American society.

Taken from the Home of Tribe: Fantasy In Miniature (c) AE

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Low Fantasy, Magic

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"Quirky, saucy, grimy."

Rating: 6/10

Based on the first story arc of six, I found this to be an entertaining, reasonably well-written story. The author deliberately restricted herself to chapter installments of exactly 333 words, which I'm sure is an interesting experiment in precision and control from a writer's perspective, but as a reader I think the story would have benefited from more traditional, approximate chapter length limits.…Read More

"An Experiment Gone Horribly Right"

Rating: 10/10

Tribe is an old work, in Internet terms. It dates back to 2007, when web fiction barely existed. It was an experiment and an exercise for Alexandra Erin, author of one of the pioneering works of modern web fiction, who was a fledgling writer at that time. It suffers from many of the hallmarks of a writer who is still honing her skills. It was never "finished."

Tribe is amazing.…Read More


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