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One creepy little story

A review of Haunting Sins

Okay, I reviewed this on my blog back in December but didn’t get round to reviewing it here until now.

Before I start this review I feel a warning is in order. “Haunting Sins” by Zoe Whitten contains mature material including references to sexual activity and pornography, which while central to the plot and not done for titillation (quite the opposite in fact) may be too much for some people...

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Watch what you say

A review of Addergoole

This review is crossposted from my blog.

I’m sure you’ve read the "cover blurb", so it’s probably no surprise that this one comes with an adult content and a NSFW warning...

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Nice premise, lovely design, fails on execution

A review of Guardians: Awakening

Cross-Posted from my blog

Guardians: Awakening caught my eye when I was browsing around for something new to read.

The premise is interesting. In many ways its a traditional fantasy plot in a futuristic fantasy setting, and I adore that sort of futuristic fantasy when I can find it...

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A nice take on traditional fantasy

A review of Swords and Sigils

(Crossposted from my blog)

On her website the author prefaces the blurb with this uninspiring line:

"This is a fantasy story about a young prodigy and his side-kick (who can kick some serious side)...

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Good Dark Fantasy

A review of Touched

Touched by Zoe E. Whitten was one of the first Novellas the author posted on her website back in 2007. I read and enjoyed it at that time. Since then she has edited it, and the revisions have only served to improve it...

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The travails of one magically protected, ass-kicking nerd

A review of Tattoo

So far I have only read as far as the end of Chapter Six of Tattoo by Candace McBride. This isn’t because I don’t like it, but simply that I haven’t had chance to read Chapter Seven yet. Tattoo bills itself as Horror with science fiction and fantasy elements, but I find it’s more Dark Fantasy with Horror elements so far...

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I am loving Starwalker!

A review of Starwalker

Starwalker is the new web fiction project by Melanie Edmonds author of “The Apocalypse Blog”, and in my opinion it’s a much stronger project.


  1. The concept. A ship’s log told by the ship is wonderful...

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A strong start

A review of The Antithesis

The Antithesis bills itself as a horror/sci-fi /dark romance series. From the three chapters which are up so far this seems like a fair assessment. I’ve seen other reviewers compare it to "Dollhouse" but with supernatural elements...

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Intriguing Paranormal Fantasy

A review of Refuge of Delayed Souls - RoYds

*Cross-posted from my blog*

Note this review is about both Volumes One and Two. I’m posting it on Volume One’s entry as new readers should obviously start at the beginning ;-).

Refuge of Delayed Souls fits squarely into the Paranormal Fantasy Genre and is an enjoyable read...

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Murder Mystery

A review of Independence Day

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now I’m usually a reader of speculative fiction - especially fantasy, so Independence Day by Rebecca Spencer is not my usual choice in reading matter...

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